Thursday, April 9, 2015



There seems to be a new style of busker in London. In the past I have seen people dressed in costume, made up to look like a statue. They barely move until someone drops money into their box and then there is acknowledgement of the contribution. Now this idea has been taken to a whole new level. These buskers seem to be suspended in air.

Sitting in the Air

I did manage to get a look at the frame that is inside one of the costumes, but I still cannot imagine the strength it takes to stay hanging there in one position. I saw the top person near Covent Garden. Then near the National Gallery I saw many in costumes varying from what you see above to movie characters and even a witch.


I have no idea how much money they take in each day, but it must be enough to make it worthwhile.

Street Performer

This guy had a totally different approach. He behaved quite dog-like but had an amusing patter, interacting with anyone who came close by. Better him than me. I can't imagine how stiff I would be trying to get up after being scrunched down in this box for hours!


  1. Suspended in the air is incredible! I’ve never seen living statue street performance in person.