Thursday, March 1, 2012


Concordia by susanvg
Concordia, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Concordia University in Montreal keeps growing. It has now edged onto what was once part of the street to create a mini park. Its history goes back. Started in the local YMCA, it was a community college as well as a place where adults could complete their high school at night. My father had to quit high school and work to help support the family. It was at, what was then Sir George Williams College that he completed high school. He later went on to McGill University.

The college grew into a university and the building you see behind was the main campus. My late husband graduated from Sir George Williams University as did my current spouse.

In the 1970s it amalgamated with Loyola College and became Concordia University. Now many buildings in the area are part of the university with a few built in recent years. My son graduated from Concordia University. So the university in its many iterations has played an important role in my family.


  1. I like urban campuses. There's a Loyola in the US, too - I wonder if it's the same college.

  2. There are many YMCAs in Japan but I don’t know the one which grows into a university. In Japan, many universities in the urban area have moved to the rural area looking for more space.