Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Wolf by susanvg
Wolf, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
The temperatures had warmed up a bit and the sun's rays felt warm. A number of animals at the Ecomusée were enjoying an afternoon nap in the sunshine. While this wolf was semi-alert, his pal was sprawled on the snow soaking up the rays.

River Otters

The river otters found the sunny spot in their enclosure - out of the water and off the snow. While one slept, the other groomed itself and tried to rouse his sleeping friend. I think the sun won, finally making it lazy, too.


The fisher was very active, pacing in one area, then scampering on the rocks and climbing to the top. It found its stash of food and dug in then raced around some more.

There are a number of other mammals. It's interesting to see them - it's too bad they can't live the rest of their lives in the wild. In most cases of the animals here, it is through human intervention (mother was killed, animal was injured, animal was born in captivity) that they have lost the ability to survive in the wild.


  1. Nice animal shots! The one of the wolf is a standout! He looks so peaceful enjoying the sun!

  2. Great shots - love the wolf, especially! Good there is such a refuge for them.

  3. Such a comfortable and peaceful nap! They make me smile.