Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Getty Museum

The Getty Museum

We spent a delightful afternoon at the Getty Museum. It is located on one of the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. I was captivated by the architecture and the use of the setting. Architect, Richard Meier, did a fabulous job of mixing buildings, plazas, gardens and incredible views.

The Entry Hall

It is a mix of curves and straight lines and it takes advantage of natural lighting, even in the galleries.

Multiple Pavillions

The plazas feature fountains and sculpture and the swaths of windows reflect back other aspects of the site.

Looking Over the Gardens

The buildings are faced with travertine stone - smooth in some areas and very rough in others. And everywhere are these incredible views.


Despite the number of people who were on the site, there were still quiet, contemplative areas to be found.


At times, the architecture provided natural frames through which to view the city below - creating a living piece of art.


I loved the combination of curves and squares and the lines.

Lines and Shadows

Lines and shadows - always making new patterns.

Curves and Straight Lines

I had to keep stopping to enjoy the architecture

Circular Gardens

The gardens echoed the curves and lines.


And everywhere people enjoyed the art, the architecture and the grounds.

Knees and Feet

Sometimes the people looked like art installations...


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