Friday, April 14, 2017

The Gardens at the Huntington


I spent my last full day in California with my two friends going through the gardens at the Huntington.  Funny how so many years can dissolve and friendships pick up where they left off. It was wonderful to renew our connections, to share our interests, to realize that what sparked our friendship so long ago was as valid today.

In the Japanese Garden

We strolled, chatted and enjoyed the beauty around us (here in the Japanese garden) and ate lunch together - even ordering the same meals.


Here is a taste of what we saw.


I think this is a cormorant. He stood watching.

Shaking Its Gullet

Then he started to shake its gullet - I saw a programme about herons who do that in hot climates to cool down. Perhaps this bird was doing the same thing.

In the Rose Garden

We wandered through the rose garden.


Beauty comes in many colours.

More Roses on the Way

Along with promises for the future.


Friendship renewed. The bonds of friendship are a mystery - those connections that were strong can last. And now we have to find ways to nurture them into the future despite our distant homes.

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  1. Nice to know you warmed up your old friendship in the warm California, Susan. Roses already? California looks much warmer than my place. Roses will bloom in a month here.