Sunday, April 9, 2017

On to Los Angeles


From Twentynine Palms we drove across the mountains to the coast, to Los Angeles. The drive was spectacular with bright yellow fields of wild flowers to mountain sides also covered with blossoms. We passed through an enormous wind farm - good to see the growth of renewable energy. The winds were certainly blowing and the turbines were in motion.

Wild Flowers

 One of the main reasons for this trip was so I could see two friends from summer camp whom I had not seen in over forty years. Both of them had moved to Los Angeles. It was wonderful to reconnect!

On the Beach

A must for us northerners is a walk on the beach - always something to notice and always the sound of the waves.


We could see sailboats on the horizon.


On the shore, the waves splashed against the breakwaters.

Marbled Gotwit on the Beach

This marbled gotwit also took advantage of the beach, strutting in and out of the water.

Marbled Gotwit

I had to go hunting on the internet to find out the name of the bird.

Under the Umbrellas

Many were taking advantage of the lovely weather - not quite warm enough for swimming, but definitely warm enough to enjoy a walk, a sit and the sound of the sea.


And for me - after a long white winter, time to enjoy the colourful flowers.

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