Saturday, April 8, 2017

Joshua Tree National Park


We spent part of a day in Joshua Tree National Park, located in the Mojave Desert, planning to go back later to catch the night skies.

Flowering Joshua Tree

A number of the Joshua Trees had flowers - nothing exotic, but fun to see.

Flowering Cacti

We missed the height of the blooms in the desert, but were still treated to some of the flowering.

Flowers on the Hill

Yellows glowed under the blue skies.

Skull Rock

The rock formations were as intriguing as the plants. This one is known as Skull Rock

Rock Creature

This hooded creature intrigued me.

Growing in Rock

And the way life can take root in what seem to be hostile places

Rock Formations

This felt to me like someone's leg trying to push free of the rock - forever trapped.

Joshua Trees

The Joshua trees were everywhere - I learned that you cannot tell their age when they are cut down. It is a member of the yucca family and instead of growth rings it has thousands of small fibres.

Rocky Hills

These plants survive in very arid conditions. This year there was a good rainfall in the winter.

Mountain After Mountain

A road in the park took us up to views of a series of mountains. The snow covered peak one of the San Bernardino mountains.

Amazing Views

Even up here a Joshua tree manages to take hold.

Land of the Joshua Trees

As for our plans of returning to see the night skies... The winds whipped up and I received an alert on my cell phone

We travelled as far as a restaurant for dinner - with winds gusting. Local visibility wasn't bad, but the skies were somewhat obscured.

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