Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Signs

Scylla Gone Wild

I couldn't live in a place that did not have a change of seasons. In spring each day brings surprises as growth and change is so rapid. Where one day a lawn looks tired and sepia-coloured, the next it is covered with leaves and then next with tiny blue flowers. Scylla always delight me; they pop up where they will, never staying within the constraints of a garden.

First Daffodils

Daffodils show their sunny faces. These hardy plants can endure the spring frosts and occasional snow.

Hyacinth and some Daffodils

In sheltered spots the flowers arrive sooner with heady-smelling hyacinth sharing a spot with these daffodils.

Downcast Daffodils

It has been a very rainy April with temperatures going up and down. Many people are craving a bit of sunshine as are these flowers, heads down, waiting for the sunshine to perk them up.

There has been flooding in a number of communities as the rain and melting ice in rivers combine to raise water levels. We are heading for the rainiest April on record, which apparently may lead to the most mosquitoey months ahead. Here's hoping for a couple of weeks of sunshine ahead.

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  1. Dear Susan - Sorry to hear about your rainy April. In my place, April has been chilly mostly and fickle with sporadic early summer day. When asked what is the representative spring colors, I’d answer yellow and pink, but I was reminded blue or purple must not be forgotten. Wish you more sunshine ahead.