Thursday, April 6, 2017

Muir Woods and More

View from Cliff House

My San Francisco cousin picked us up and we had lunch at Cliff House. The views are outstanding - wide open beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Rocks Near the Coast

Rugged rocks and the continuous sound of the waves.

Crossing the Bridge

We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and headed to Muir Woods.

Massive Trunks

Some places on Earth feel holy - the majesty of these redwoods which have been here for hundreds of years inspire a sense of awe.

Looking UP

Strong and straight, they reach to the sky. Some have been growing here for close to a millenium. It took the foresight of John Muir to preserve this area so that all may walk in their presence.


Their massive trunks and thick bark are home to mosses - after this year's rain.

Ferns on a Redwood

This year ferns are abundant, even growing on tree branches.

Standing Tall 

It is a privilege to walk among these forest giants.

Inside a Tree

Later in the day we took the ferry from Sausalito back to San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

Great views of the bridge.

Approaching the Ferry Dock

... and of the city.

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  1. Muir Woods look alive and almost divine. The third photo of The Golden Gate Bridge reminded me of Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, a suspension bridge with longest central span.