Sunday, May 31, 2015

At the Quartier des Spectacles

Quartier des spectacles

Photos: May 26, 2015

I walked through the Quartier des Spectacles on my way to the metro after a concert of Les Boréades (not the sort usually held in this outdoor space). I love to see the side of this building - each "window" featuring a well-known musician. This is the area where the outdoor concerts are held for the Montreal Jazz Festival and many of these artists have performed in Montreal.


It was a hot night. The rows of red are fountains. Both on my way to and from the concert I saw children playing in the water - fun to see their joy.

Fountains at Night

We are fortunate in Montreal to have such a vibrant downtown, places where people can gather and enjoy the warm evenings and take pleasure in the visual delights. When festivals are on, and there are many in Montreal, this area is really hopping with crowds and music! and the fountains retreat....

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