Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring in a Rush


No time here for spring - it happens in a rush. Our temperatures jump around in so-called spring with days of summer-like weather interspersed with cooler spring temperatures. A week of "summer" has jolted all the flowers and leaves to grow at once.


Tulips share the stage with daffodils, primroses and all sorts of spring blooms. Magnolias bloomed and dropped within a week.

Two Tulips

What a pleasure to see the plethora of colours after the white of winter.

Blossom Time

Each day brings new changes from blossoms to leaves. The world around is bursting into colour.

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  1. Do you care if I'm a little jealous? We're in Denver, but snow followed us. Most is melted but still haven't seen a lot of blooming. So much rain in the city - many petals fallen off the trees and lying sodden on the pavement. I like seeing your colorful photos. I imagine you strolling without a coat, seeing spring emerge.