Monday, May 18, 2015

Trillium Hunt

Starting to Fade

Every year I go hunting for trilliums. Perhaps hunting is the wrong word; I know where to find them. It is just that the season is so short, I never know if I might be too early or too late. Our spring this year has been unusual with a long cold spell followed by sudden heat. I almost missed the trilliums - a number of them were turning pink and starting to wither. The tree coverage has happened rapidly and soon they will all be shaded.

Pink Flush

It is odd to think that this beautiful blossom is turning pink because it is fading. While it still looks healthy, this is a sign of it being past its prime in the last stages before it will wither and drop off.

Trillium Time

Healthy and white this trillium still has a few days of blooming ahead.

A Carpet of Trilliums

Each year I marvel at the trillium carpet on the forest floor. They are here for such a short time; I make my annual visit to celebrate them.

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  1. I saw some blooming (both shades) at Denver Botanic. So dainty - hard to believe they're some of the first to bloom after winter.