Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blossoms and More Blossoms

Spring Reflections

The air is scented with the many blossoms that have emerged in the last few days. Where not long ago there were bare brunches now everything has come into bloom. Not much fun for the allergy sufferers as all the trees seems to be releasing their pollen simultaneously!

Blossoms 1

But, oh what a feast for the eyes! There seem to be blossoms in every shade of pink. A profusion of petals!


It is impossible not to stop and stare with delight, to take in the delicacy, to let oneself ponder a single blossom in the midst of the sea of flowers.

Every Colour

Soon this show will be over and green will overtake the pinks. Spring is the season of changes when each day demands that Mother Nature's work be admired.


  1. I agree with you! Those pale pink petals are beautiful! The first photo is scenic. I like the composition.

  2. You've shown some serious lovliness here, Susan! I hate to even mention that it snowed here today. I won't send any to you. Keep the blossoms coming!

  3. So beautiful! As always, thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts!

  4. How wonderful! You have more different type of pink than I have seen here. I just love cherry blossoms, or any blossoms in fact. I could sit and stare at them for hours! You are so right about spring being the time of admiring nature. We are lucky to live in climates where the seasons change! The close of the one bloom is exquisite - just a touch of pink around the edges.