Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal by susanvg
Bank of Montreal, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Solid - bank architecture of the past gave a sense of the weight of the institution. This is the headquarters of the Bank of Montreal. Finished in 1847 this building sits prominently at Place d'Armes in Old Montreal, opposite Notre Dame Church, another symbol of power.

Saint-Sulpice Seminary

Beside the church is one of the oldest buildings still standing in Montreal, The Saint-Sulpice Seminary, built in 1687 (the clock dates from the early 1700s). The Catholic Church played a decisive role in Quebec's history. The Sulpicians were among the first settlers in New France. They saw as part of their role to educate the native population, and, of course, convert them to Christianity. They held large properties throughout the island of Montreal.
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  1. Banks and churches - seem to have all the money!

  2. What a sturdy and gorgeous buildings! Those four bells on the clock are very charming.