Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Along the Path

Along the Path by susanvg
Along the Path, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
At last a perfect winter day with the temperature up around -8 C with sun and a vibrant blue sky. I felt myself grow as I could walk without hunching into my coat. I walked with a friend, enjoying conversation, but also the silence. It was broken by the sound of a chickadee (you can hear a sample sound here). My friend's eagle eyes spotted it - I took a bit longer.


I think, it too, was enjoying the warmer weather. And soon it was joined by another little bird. So nice to stop and hear them call.

College Ste-Anne

We walked along the marina, the slips for the boats just visible under the snow. Across the water we had views of Lachine. Walking on a winter day is a delight in weather like this.

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  1. That sky! Nothing quite like the white of snow in sunshine. The architecture of Lachine is fabulous. It was warmer here today, too - above freezing. With the sun on the snow, my touring skis began sticking. I must leave earlier as the weather warms.