Saturday, May 18, 2013


Lilacs by susanvg
Lilacs, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Some may not think of the cemetery as a great place to walk, but I have learned that it is an ideal place for walking. In Montreal, we have a large cemetery on the top of Mount Royal, divided up by religion and separated by fences. Small roads and paths meander through the rows of stones with many trees offering homes for the birds and animals that live on the mountain. Today I wandered with a friend in the Protestant section.

Blossoms in the Cemetery

The many flowering trees are in full bloom. Their heavy scent hangs in the air.


And everywhere you can hear the birds singing.  Each part of the cemetery has its own personality, reflecting the denominations of the people buried there. Huge monuments announce the resting places of the wealthy while tiny monuments cover the graves of young babies.

Stones and Shadows

The identical stones of the military graves stand, honouring those who lost their lives in the wars that Canada has fought.

Flowering Crab Apple Tree

What a peaceful place for a walk. Others, too, were out with cameras, walking dogs and enjoying the sunny spring day.


  1. Hi,Susan,
    Yes, the cemetery in your photo is a beautiful place to walk. It looks quite different from cemeteries in Japan. I visit a graveyard of my family just for cleaning the gravestone and recalling our ancestors.


  2. Cemeteries call to me - I love the headstones as well as the landscapes they provide. I thought of you in AZ, Susan. We spent an afternoon in the Museum of Music in Scottsdale (MIM). You would love it - I would have had to drag you out!