Sunday, May 5, 2013


Forsythia by susanvg
Forsythia, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: May 3, 2013

Spring is truly wondrous. Each day the changes are visible, with leaves popping out where the day before there were just bare branches. It has been a warm week with temperatures over 20C (68F) and growth is rapid.

The Leaves are Filling In

The trees are covered with the first lacy growth. It won't be long before the leaves are full. Colours change from the bright greens to a deeper shade as the leaves settle in for the season.

Lacy Trees

The shadows cast grow thicker providing coolness. Our spring is short as we quickly jump into some weeks of summer-like temperatures. People quickly pull out shorts and sandals and the outdoor cafes are full. Winter is long and we know how to take advantage of these warm, sunny days.


  1. You've beat me to spring, and I see that it's glorious! Though I'm enjoying the deserts of UT, I'll soon be back in my white landscape. I can only dream about forsythia.

  2. Hi,again,
    It looks like you have a beautiful spring. Our spring is also short. We will have a rainy season soon in June.
    Have a good weekend,Susan.

  3. I'm in Denver, and it is finally spring here. At the Breckenridge house, winter still reigns. Bob wore shorts when we walked to Whole Foods this morning. I still needed a little jacket. Our pear tree here in the city was hit by cold again this spring, so never flowered.