Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First Growth

First Growth by susanvg
First Growth, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
 Photos: April 29, 2013

Nothing quite soothes the soul like a walk in nature. A friend and I went to Centre écologique Fernand-Seguin. Spring is taking hold with the early flowers pushing past the drying leaves.

Trout Lily

Trout lilies are one of the first to grow their sunny faces shyly looking down. All around we could hear the calls of birds.


Chickadees flitted nearby. They do not seem to be afraid of people.

Red Trillium

There were many trillium leaves poking up, but only a few red flowers have opened up. Their scarcity made each one a treasure.


My camera helps me focus, to see things I might otherwise overlook.


  1. The white, yellow, and red flowers bloom scarcely but soon you’ll be surrounded by the splendor of spring. I felt like that I was hearing birds chirping. I like to peep through a hole of the trunk. Wish you a warm and bright May.


  2. Love the peep hole! Glad you,re seeing some blooms.

  3. So glad to see your early spring!
    These little gifts from nature is what makes your walk the more beautiful!Each of these tiny flowers is expressive.