Monday, September 3, 2012

Parc-nature du Bois-de-l'Île-Bizard

Green Heron

A friend and I went out to Parc-nature du Bois-de-l'Île-Bizard. Part of the path is a boardwalk over a swamp. Each time we go out we see different wildlife. Last time we were lucky to see beaver. This time we were treated to watching a green heron, which didn't seem at all perturbed that we were very close by.

Which way is up

The air was still with perfect reflections.

Dead Trees

Beaver have dammed the area creating swamps out of marshes. The result - dead trees that stand as testament to drier times. However, the water level was very low - there has been very little rain this summer.

Basking in the Sun

The sun beat down. Turtles took advantage of the heat to bask on logs. There are two kinds of turtles in the park: snapping turtles and painted turtles.

Flowers on the Water

Clouds, reflected in the water give a dreamy feeling to the pond - a bit of Monet painted by Mother Nature.

Where are the Beavers

No beavers to be seen this time. We'll have to go back and see if they deign to let us see them.


  1. Fabulous shots of beautiful water scenes with reflections, Susan. The turtles basking in the sun always make me relaxed. The aquatic flowers look floating in the sky.


  2. I love all these shots. The reflections are amazing. Love the way the green heron cooperated!

  3. I like this watery park, Susan. The water is low here in CO, too. I'm hoping for a very wet winter! The pink blossoms floating in the reflected clouds are lovely.

  4. What a refreshing watery park!I wish I could walk with you. Sweltering weather is still lasting here.I have to avoid walking out daytime.