Sunday, September 2, 2012

Walk Around Summit Park


A perfect day for a walk around Summit Park. The wild growth is going to seed, moving into autumn mode. The air was clear, September air, a hint at cooler temperatures.


There is still more ripening to come. There won't be frost for a while.

Wild and Yellow

Summer lingers in the flowers. Nature doesn't follow our calendar. Change of month does not translate to immediate change in weather. I've been in education most of my life. The end of August is a change of seasons for me but nature takes its time.

Over the City

A walk around Summit Park always means taking time to stop at the lookout, to view the city from this vantage point. Finding the beauty in the man made structures - blending with nature.


  1. Enjoyed your seasonal musings - the photographs and words were 'right on'! :) All in a good walk, too! :)

  2. Beautiful bokeh on the wild growth. Yellow flowers are gorgeous and well composed. So cheerful! And I love, love the vantage point with the man made structures that are blended with nature.

  3. Each and every photo tells a story, Susan. Those flowers are luminous!