Sunday, September 23, 2012

Industrial Building


Although I don't manage to take photos every day, my eyes have been trained to see differently. I notice things I never would have noticed before. And I have learned from my many online fellow photographers. I usually tend to look for beauty, though it may even be the beauty in decaying plants. Mikecogh has shown me through his photos, that the underside of life is also interesting. He photographs rusty items, back alleys (along with lots of more picturesque shots) and finds ways to make them intriguing.

I liked the strong lines I found here as well as the shadows. I'll have to go looking some more for the grittier aspects of my city.


  1. Many of your photos are interesting. I like this building, Susan. I am a very beginner photographer. When I walk my residential area, I sometimes feel that there are no things that inspire me to click the shutter as everything is too familiar to me. However,these days I am beginning to know that there are many hidden beauties I would never have noticed. I like to look for a new find around me. I enjoyed Mikecogh's photos. Thank you!

    Have a great week!

  2. All the angles and textures are intriguing - esp. in architectural shots.

  3. I have captured something in the back streets, though not so many, but haven’t made them public yet. Thanks for this post and reminding me.