Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Walk at Parc-Nature-du-Bois-de-L'Île-Bizard


No matter how stressed I am, a walk in nature seems to calm me. With the beginning of a work year (I live on the educational calendar), renovations and much more, a walk was just what I needed.


Near the parking lot, these grasses swayed in the wind. They grow tall enough to hide the cars.

Sun on the River

We walked down to see the river. There is something calming about watching the water. The sun was dancing on the water.

The duck seen at the top of this post made quite a display as it spread out its feathers.

Spreading the Feathers

Here it is in another pose. Funny how this kind of walk slows down my gait as I stop to notice life around me. It may not be good for my heart (in cardio terms) but it is oh so good for my heart. David Suzuki talks about how important it is to spend time in nature.

A Splash of Purple

The colours, the sounds all contribute to a sense of well-being. Time for me to get out again!


  1. I know you're busy busy now Susan. Glad you're taking some Nature respites to restore yourself.

  2. Walking through nature has therapeutic effect on us. Enjoy slow and leisure walk for the good of your heart. In one of your photos, I see grasses like Japanese pampas grass, one of iconic plants of autumn in Japan. Summer at last has waned here and I can feel the air of autumn today. I’ll walk more actively.

    Happy 90th birthday to your father-in-law in advance.


  3. Thanks for letting me take that virtual photo walk with you! :)