Saturday, September 15, 2012

Walking on Le Plateau

Clinic Turned Music Venue

Each year, as part of the Montreal Recorder Festival, there are some events which take place here. The building, once a clinic as you can see by the writing at the top, is now the home of Jeunesses Musicales. As we were early for the concert, we decided to stroll in the neighbourhood.


Most homes are small, sharing a wall with the next home. But each finds a way to stand out from the others. This strip of homes appealed with its change of colours.

They Started Falling

It was a very dry summer. The sidewalks are starting to be littered with fallen leaves, many drying out and falling before they have had a chance to change colours.  They crunch underfoot. There are many homes with interesting architecture dating back over 100 years.


They need some loving care to keep them in good condition. A delightful place to walk!


  1. Hi Susan, What a charming neighborhood. Our leaves are falling, too - along with the temperatures.

  2. Hi,Susan,You have a lovely neighborhood.The house in the second photo catches my eyes.I see something nostalgic and warm in it.