Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Walking on Mount Royal

The Colour is Starting

The colours are starting. They are never as vibrant in the city as in the countryside. This year, in particular, I find them mainly muted, with leaves drying up before they really show their usual flashy fall foliage.


A walk around the mountain is never complete without a stop at the lookout to see the view. When the distant mountains are visible, I know we are breathing fairly clean air!

A silver river

Facing west, you can see out to the silver ribbon of a river. As we go about our daily routines, it is easy to forget that Montreal is on an island. It is not everywhere that we get views of the river. Yet that is such an important part of why the city was established here in the days when ship travel was the most important form of transportation.


  1. Our colors are more muted, too, from the drought. We're in Carbondale overnight (near Aspen) and a walk on the Rio Grande Trail didn't yield any vivid colors. I always enjoy your cityscape shots of Montreal from up high.

  2. Your photos show the air of mid autumn. Autumn’s clean air brings clear views. Recently I feel starts are more clearly visible than in summer. I didn’t know Montreal is on the island.