Thursday, June 30, 2011

Love and the Homeless

Love and the Homeless by susanvg
Love and the Homeless, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
This iconic sculpture sites in a park in downtown Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Ironic to see the sign as the pool is surrounded by benches full of homeless men. Notice the sleeping bag near the water. There is an astonishing number of homeless.

Mural - Philadelphia

Walking from the hotel to the ISTE conference (with a few detours), I passed some beautiful murals. Philadelphia is full of murals and other art work. I am always impressed by cities that value art. Public art is accessible to all. It speaks to the emotions and elicits laughter, a smile and even tears.


As Philadelphia is a very flat city, walking is easy, but benches are available for those who need a rest or just want to stop to admire the architecture.

Philadelphia City Hall

William Penn stands atop Philadelphia's City Hall overlooking the city. He must once have been able to see far and wide. Now modern buildings tower over the city obstruction his view in some directions. 

Modern Towers


  1. Susan - Catching up with you after a couple weeks off the computer. I see you're in the City of Brotherly Love - I was born and raised not far from there in Lancaster County. Each city has its own cadre of homeless. This person may be taking advantage of the cooling spray from the fountain!

  2. It's very sad.

    I was astounded by the number of homeless in San Francisco. It's a foreign concept in Nelson. I have never seen a homeless person in Nelson.

    There are number of men who doss down in a Salvation Army hostel each night but they at least have a bed to sleep in.

    Maybe it is too cold in winter. You would want to pick a fairly warm climate.

    ISTE sounds great.

  3. The visible homeless population was certainly a topic of conversation for all of us - something difficult to come to terms with considering the general nature of our country. I was somewhat surprised to see the LOVE sculpture sans people in front of it.