Monday, June 20, 2011

Shoe Sign

Shoe Sign by susanvg
Shoe Sign, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
This shoe was the only sign outside a shoe store. No neon, no words, just a shoe. It reminded me of Renaissance times, when much of the population was illiterate. Signs had to be more pictorial for stores to entice buyers in. Hopefully this shoe is not representative of what can be found inside. A quick glance of the store window suggested you could get goods of a newer vintage and higher quality than this one.


  1. Certainly an eye-catching sign. Reminds me of the old towns of many Central European towns where some of the little boutiques have similar old-fashioned signs.

  2. The shop must be great! Only one thing I care about is ...the outside shoe gets wet and water would overflow when it rains?

  3. Love the sign...I'm wondering if it's an actual shoe that's been treated for it's new purpose or just a replica of one.

  4. Great blog Susan, The shoe acting as the sole indication that it is a shoe shop is very unique!!
    Your blog is very nice, have a fabulous day :-)