Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline by susanvg
Toronto Skyline, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Porter Airlines makes flying pleasant. They have small planes which fly from Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island. This is the view from the window as I was approaching the check-in area. I've written about Porter before.

A free shuttle takes you from downtown to a ferry on which a three minute ride takes you to Toronto Island. No long lines as the planes are small and security, while thorough is not unpleasant. The lounge is comfortable, with free wi-fi, a "business centre" with computers for use by anyone and a cafe area provides free drinks, coffee, teas, cookies and other snacks. You feel like a person, not like cattle, which is more the case in larger airports.


  1. The weather looks great. My son will be over in New York, Toronoto and Kitchener for three weeks as from next Monday when he represents New Zealand a a member of the New Zealand Blacksox Softball Team. He tells me it is going to be warm. I hope they see this lovely weather too.

  2. Looks like you had a great flight, Susan. I think I shouldn't miss Toronto when I have a chance to travel to Canada. Skyline of downtown Toronto is very beautiful! Is the high tower soaring into the sky commercial building? In Nara or Kyoto,Japan, pagodas are landmarks and in big cities, special high-rises. In Europe I found church towers dominating the landscape.

  3. My husband visited Toronto a couple of times for his business,but I have not been there.
    The city is very beautiful and sophisticated!!

  4. Susan, I'll be flying tomorrow to FL (Moo)

  5. @stardust - the big tower is the CN Tower - built for radio and television transmission. You can go to the top and have great views of Toronto, which I did many years ago.

  6. Lovely blue/grey hues in this photo. The airport you described sounds bliss, especially having just been part of the 'cattle' at some airports.