Monday, June 15, 2015

Mural Festival 2015

Mural I

Photos: June 14, 2015

This is the third year that Montreal is holding a mural festival. St. Laurent, one of our major arteries has been closed for 11 days for several blocks with a combination muralfest, street festival and Fringe Festival. Some of the murals from previous years are still visible; others have been painted over.

Mural II

It's fun to see the many different styles. Many seem to favour the slightly macabre. Sunday, the day of my walk, was the last day of the festival so most of the murals had been completed.

Working on the Mural

We did come across this work in progress. In the background is another mural.

Mural IV

Social commentary, abstract, cartoon - every style can be found as you walk the neighbourhood.

Mural III

These are just a few of the many - it is a delight to tour the area.

Now if those graffiti ego trippers would leave these murals alone... No tagging, please!


  1. Great mural arts!! They must be more powerful in the real place, i can imagine.

  2. An outdoor museum of contemporary art forms! A changeable feast for the eyes.