Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fauna: Parc-nature-de-Île-Bizard

In Flight

Photos: June 3, 2015

I'm not much of a birder. I can identify the most common birds (robins, crows, pigeons...) but many others were just birds to me. After training my camera lens on the variety I saw in the park, I felt compelled to learn more. Above is an eastern kingbird. We saw several on our walk.

Stopping for a Drink

I am not sure what this one is. He stopped to have a drink.

Who Is There?

There a number of bird houses around the park. This tree swallow was checking things out from the safety of his home.

Tree Swallow

while this one was flitting from tree to tree.

Barn Swallow

A barn swallow was enjoying the sunshine. It was chirping away on this tree branch.

Eastern Kingbird

Another eastern kingbird did not want to pose. When it stopped to groom a bit, I managed to take its picture.


It takes patience to photograph birds. It's another part of the zen experience of walking through nature. Stop, wait, focus, snap and then try again and again.

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  1. It’s so relaxing to watch a bird flitting around but hard to photograph it, but you did it so nice, Susan. I’ve never seen such a beautiful blue bird.