Sunday, June 14, 2015

At the Summit

At the Summit

Photos: June 13, 2015

My walk yesterday took me to the top of Westmount Mountain (mountain being somewhat of a misnomer - according to this site it is 201 m or 659 ft high). Still it was a good climb. I've been wearing a fitbit for some time and find it does motivate me to walk more. The climb from where I live gave me about 50 flights of stairs.


I love all the things I notice when I walk. This section used to be a road for cars. It will slowly become part of the woods under a three year plan.


Reflections and shadows- things that are not there and yet we see them. Lots to muse about as I walk...

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  1. I like the heart-shaped puddle! I wear a Garmin to track mileage. Sometimes, I'm amazed at how many miles I cover just doing yard work!