Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Market

A Dusting of Snow

While my move is still requiring work - more to unpack, pictures to hang... my life is beginning to get back to a more normal pace. Shopping for food during the worst of the move, was a quick foray to a supermarket. Now, with a little more time to breathe, I headed to the market.

December at the market and the parking area is full of trees for sale. The light dusting of snow reminds us that soon winter will really set in. The market changes from season to season. Some of the outdoor stalls get temporary winter walls, while others disappear as November arrives. Part of the parking area changes from spring  and summer flower stalls to pumpkins and then to these trees and other seasonal decorations.

Taking Time

Now I do my shopping indoors. Unlike in a supermarket, here I linger - savouring a café au lait, enjoying eying all the delicacies displayed to entice. Somehow I always go home with a little more than I had planned. Shopping at the market is a personal experience. Each store requires a little conversation, not just a quick pass through the cashiers. I stop at my favourites, talking to the butcher that supplies organic meat, chatting with the woman in the bakery, discussing the merits of various cheeses in the cheese shop and more. I come home with a smile on my face, laden with bags of delights.


  1. I think I know how you enjoyed your shopping at the market. Probably I’d buy more than I plan, too. Though our preparation for Christmas and New Year would be different, I think we share the same excitement in the air. The creamy café au lait is tempting.


  2. A dusting of white both on the trees and your coffee. Glad you're getting settled, Susan. Moving is a big life change. Hope you can find time to relax with a good book and also with your camera.