Saturday, December 29, 2012


Afternoon Shadows
Photo: December 28, 2012

 First day out snowshoeing this winter. The storm left a thick blanket over the forest floor. Not many people were up in Summit Park as we tramped among the trees. There is a stillness in the air after a storm. The snow muffles sounds.

In the Woods

The crisp breeze turned cheeks a rosy colour. My fingers felt the frosty air as I stopped to photograph. It was impossible not to stop and enjoy the sparkle of the sun on the snow crystals and admire the sculptures the snow created.

Snow totem

This looked to me like an icy totem pole with the profiles of faces. While man-made totem poles last for centuries, this one will be gone as it is reshaped by sun and wind. Winter is so much more enjoyable with a good layer of snow!

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