Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Out Walking


Photos: December 24, 2012

Walking on a crisp and sunny winter day is energizing. The snow crunches underfoot and sunbeams dance on the fresh fallen flakes. Walking gives time to admire details.

Snowy Window

This "snowy" window launched memories of childhood cutting as we tried to make these lacy flakes. And then I thought of my own children doing the same. Many snowy winters have passed since then.

Westmount Conservatory

I'm new to this area. I love the variety of architecture. I pass the old Westmount Conservatory (closed for the holidays). I'll have to venture in to enjoy the summery displays. I'm not a snowbird. I enjoy winter except for the ice. It invigorates. Many more winter walks to come.


  1. Seeing your snow, I can hear the sound of footsteps suck suck suck...

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year,Susan.

  2. So pretty! Is this your new neighborhood, Susan? My landscape looks much like yours - snow both in the city and in the mountains. Happy New Year to you!