Tuesday, December 25, 2012

House Music

Corelli Christmas Concerto

Music is an essential part of my life. My passion is music from before about 1800, known as early music. I play it, I go to concerts and I support local groups and musicians as much as I can. I worry about the future of this music as government funding dries up and pop culture becomes more and more prevalent. Big rock shows bring in tourists, small music festivals with limited funds cannot attract the same kind of audience. So funders become more reluctant to support these efforts.


I had the pleasure of hearing the Corelli Christmas concerto in a private home of a local musician, Susie Napper, who has done so much to showcase early music in Montreal. It is done as a passion, certainly not because it brings her money. I fear our society only values things that represent money - professional sports, popular singers, blockbuster movies.

Bach was born in 1685 - we still play his music. Will anyone remember the sports teams, Celine Dion or the films of today in 350 years?

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  1. Hi,Susan
    Those players are very beautiful.
    The same thing happens in Japan. Many small orchestras, which have been supported by the government and sponsors, are now facing difficulties continuing their performances because of limited funds . I wonder if there is any way that their performances can become essential for people's lives rather than that they can get enough funds to continue their performances.