Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stratford Ontario


Photos: August 18-20, 2015

My daughter and I went to Stratford, a charming city in Southern Ontario, where the Stratford Festival has been offering amazing theatre since 1953. While the theatre was the main reason for our visit (we saw 6 plays in 3 days), a visit to Stratford is no complete without a stroll along the water. Water fowl abound. Swans, many of which are quite tame and will actually eat from your hand are the iconic bird.

The Chase

They are still somewhat territorial among each other, but more so when they are nesting.

Public Piano

There are also a number of public pianos - this one sported a swan motif.

Amid the Feathers

Ducks are everywhere along the banks - eating, sleeping, preening, bathing and quacking.


It is always fun to see them shaking off the water as they dunk and preen.

Water Lilies

On the approach to the Festival Theatre there is a beautiful garden, complete with some water flowers. I can never resist photographing them.

I highly recommend the theatre at Stratford. This season there are 13 productions - actors take on roles in more than one. There are 4 theatres and in addition, there are lectures, concerts, tours of the costume warehouse, backstage tours... and, of course, walking along the water.


  1. Hi Susan, sounds like you're having fun this summer. I love the photo of the territorial swan!

  2. Hello,Susan,
    What a beautiful territorial swan and an interesting piano with a chair.
    Have a good new week!

  3. What a lovely holiday with plays, waterfowls, flowers….! The water lilies look singing in trio.