Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Festival Montréal Baroque

Ensemble Caprice

Looking back to the end of June... Festival Montréal Baroque.

A highlight of my year is always the Montreal Baroque Festival - a few days of frenzied concert-going with friends - friends from Toronto and friends of the many musicians who teach at CAMMAC. The directors, Susie Napper and Matthias Maute, always plan a wide array of interesting concerts.

From the Recipe Book

From France - Ensemble Fuoco e Cenere, who treated us to a musical and alimentary feast - a concert full of humour and charm. 

Food for All

And delectable morsels to sample after the concert.


Concerts held in unusual spaces - even early in the morning. This was a concert of medieval music, built around the themes found in Rabelais' novels.

Musical Colours

Or music accompanied by painting according to theories proposed at the time of Telemann.

Musical Discoveries from Como

Concerts that feature bright, young talent along with more seasoned musicians...


Watching the masters and marvelling at the up and coming.

In Motion

And then it was over -the magic dissolving for another year. This event always launches my summer.


  1. I was wondering if you attended the festival this year. I see you had a whirlwind of music - exactly what you love! Did you go to CAMMAC this summer?

    1. I'm just behind on my blog. A post about CAMMAC is coming up - summer wouldn't be the same without it. Thanks for asking.

  2. It’s so nice to spend summertime enchanted by the magical power of music and a little of deliciousness.