Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Old Grand Trunk Railway Building

This building (dating from 1900) recently underwent a face lift - copper was replaced and the exterior was cleaned. It was once the headquarters of the Grand Trunk Railway, but is now a government building

Newly Refurbished

Since the railway disaster in Lac M├ęgantic, people have become much more aware of the dangers of moving certain substances through populated areas. Though the Grand Trunk Railway does not exist anymore, its tracks do (now used by CN). Just today in the newspaper there was a letter to the editor talking about the use of their tracks in Point St. Charles as shunting yards - with who knows what is in the cars in a populated area. Too often safety is overlooked in the name of economics.

The Facade

It is such false economy - just ask the people of Lac M├ęgantic. How much will it cost to rebuild the buildings and decontaminate the region? And how much will it cost to put peoples' lives back together after such enormous human losses?

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