Sunday, August 18, 2013

Old Cans

Old Cans by susanvg
Old Cans, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
I had never been to Finnegan's Market in Hudson, so off we went to explore. There were endless booths displaying their wares. After all the things I disposed of before my move, I wondered if I would come across one of my former possessions! I did not, but I did see many items that I remembered from my past. It made me feel positively vintage.

Old Tools

Do you know what these were for? I have seen a hand drill used, but I cannot identify many of these.

Lots to Buy

Food, handicrafts, used items, antiques, clothing... whatever suits your fancy!

Musical Interlude

This kiosque keeper took a break to strum on his guitar - a little music to add to the lively atmosphere. The sun beat down as we strolled through the site. I was glad to be able to escape. I'm glad I went, but won't be rushing back to a flea market soon. The last thing I need is more stuff!


  1. That's definitely why I avoid flea markets - too much junk of my own! But I do see the attraction for others and love the 'history' and potential stories from such items! :)

  2. But - a great place for photography! They don't make simple can labels like they used to! I have a feeling in those days there wasn't as much to disclose on the label!