Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Small Ensemble Group

My Small Ensemble Group by susanvg
My Small Ensemble Group, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Student concerts at CAMMAC take place on Saturday. My small ensemble group worked on a piece by Schickhardt. (I'm the shortest in the picture) Here we are getting ready to play. It's interesting to see how adrenalin takes hold. Performing is not the same as just playing together.

Comedia Dell'Arte

This year's concert included some Comedi dell'Arte. It's quite amazing what people accomplish in one week.

Playing for the Dancers

Most of the concert takes place in the concert hall, but the dance class performed outdoors to music by this group of teachers.

Small ensembles and large, if they wish, may perform. In addition, there is a children's concert in the afternoon with singing, dancing, and instrumental music. Such fun!

More photos on Flickr


  1. Have fun by playing together and have moderate stimulation by performing in front of audience. It’s nice to see you in the picture, though I’ve seen you on the profile.


  2. Looks very cool. I would love to hear it. Do you have any recordings online of your ensemble? I know what you mean about adrenaline and performing vs. practicing. What a difference!

  3. Good to see you had fun at camp again this summer, Susan.