Monday, July 16, 2012

In a sunbeam

In a sunbeam by susanvg
In a sunbeam, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
My cat sometimes appears to be less than brilliant. He walks out of a room into another and then meows because no one is there. But my daughter claims that his mind is really scheming about much more important things.

Does not compute

He has recently shown his "genius" when working with computers. He loves to sit on or near them as they give off heat (at least that is my interpretation). However, he has been known to press just the right keys to produce interesting results. On this occasion he managed to cause all the icons to grow larger. He frequently launches programs on my spouse's computer as his little paws leap from the desk to the computer to the warm lap. My daughter claims he once launched VoiceOver which caused her computer to talk to her. Does he plot and plan these diabolical tricks? Or is he just trying to tell us that contact with cats is far better than contact with computers?


  1. I like to think that he knows more than any of us! Love that first portrait with the sun highlighting his profile.

  2. Whatever his genius, he obviously knows how to play it right! :)