Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hot Water

Drilling Spots

Each of these little domes sits atop a bore hole, tapping into geothermal energy. The steam that comes up is used to produce electricity via steam turbines. The hot water that results is pumped directly to heat homes and provide hot water in taps. The water that comes out smells of sulphur.

Steam Over the Road

These big pipes over the road lead to the Krafla power plant. A smaller power plant is down the hill.

Pool at the Power Plant

This pool of water may look innocuous, but signs indicate the temperature of the water is close to 100°C. There are other advantages to this kind of power. This power plant supplies the water for Mývatn Baths.

Myvatn Baths

It was delightful to spend some time soaking in the baths, enjoying the scenery around the baths and feeling all cares melt away.

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  1. This is such a energetic place! So glad you enjoyed the hot spring there!