Friday, September 5, 2014

Snaefellness Peninsula


Photos Aug 13-15

Where ever you go in Iceland you are not far from a glacier or from volcanic mountains or lava fields. Snaefellness peninsula is no exception. This was the view from where we stayed. We looked forward to the next day when we would explore the peninsula. That was the last we saw of the glacier; heavy cloud descended.


It was still enjoyable to explore. Mountains with waterfalls streaming down - lava fields (each one looks different)


As does each mountain.


At Arnarstapi we saw these sculpted sea stacks and cliffs plunging to the water.


And basalt columns reminiscent of the area near Vik.


The combined forces of volcanoes, the ocean and weather create intriguing sculptures. This was at Hellnar.

Towards the Lighthouse

And always interspersed are signs of people - farming on whatever strips of land might be fertile. Their sheep are up in the hills for the summer.


After our sojourn on the peninsula we headed back to Reykjavik and then home the next day. So ended our amazing trip. Iceland impressed us - for its wild beauty, its resilience, its pragmatism and its acceptance of the forces of nature. The people seem to have a wonderful sense of humour (even watching the safety instructions in the airplane was not boring). Well worth a visit!

All my Iceland photos (at least those I shared) can be found in my Iceland and Faroe Islands album on Flickr.

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  1. I scrolled down to the post I saw last time and enjoyed all the posts up to this one. Iceland is simply beautiful and dynamic at the same time. Nature’s art is everywhere. Thank you again for this series of Iceland report.