Sunday, September 28, 2014

In All Its Glory

The Spectrum

The sunny weather sent me off in search of autumn colours. I decided to drive up to CAMMAC as I needed to speak to someone there. This is what met me.


Each tree changes in its own time, first one leaf leading the way.

Autumn Colour

It is the symphony of colours that dazzles. Each leaf adds to the riot of colour.

Fallen Leaf

Walking in the woods you can hear the leaves fall. They rustle past those still clinging to the trees.


On the forest floor the low growing plants show signs of seasonal fatigue. The once vibrant green is disappearing to be replaced by browns and sepia.

Last Petals

Last petals twist into sculptural shapes before they too drop off. The summer growth spurt has stopped. Now is the time for its last dance before the frost.


  1. We're having the last dance here in the mountains, too - however, I'm enjoying the reds of your fall foliage.

  2. Hi,Susan,
    Beautiful leaves! How exciting to see that every season brings it's beauty.

  3. The plant which are changing colors or passing away, each has its own beauty. It’s nice you can find beauty both looking up and down. Enjoy your autumn in all its glory.