Thursday, July 24, 2014

Along the Park

Bath Time
Photos: July 21, 2014

Montreal is on an island. Too often we don't feel that as we travel day to day without seeing water. I love to take walks with my friend who leaves near the shore. Her view looks out at the river. A nearby park is a spit of land that reaches out into the river, with a marina on one side and the river on the other. Despite its manicured look, wildlife abounds. Young families of fowl ply the waters, dodging the kayaks and canoes and other watercraft.

Canada Geese

Young Canada geese are almost full grown. They swim together, learning the ropes of adult behaviour.


Wild flowers grow on the river side. There is plenty of food for birds, bees and butterflies.


  1. I love views of water. Many years ago, I lived for awhile on the Chesapeake Bay in MD.