Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fabergé at the Museum

Faberge at MBAM - egg

A long hiatus - my daughter moved (lots of packing, boxes and carrying) and then visitors and the Festival Montréal Baroque (more about the in another post) - I am slowly getting back to my blog.

With friends in town for the baroque festival, we all decided to visit the museum to see the Fabulous Fabergé exhibit. I so appreciate that the museum allows photography. The objects in the exhibit were beyond belief - ornate, elaborate, intricate. I did not photograph the tiny eggs which were absolutely exquisite - each one a testimony to incredible craftsmanship. You can see some for sale at Fabergé - but they are not as spectacular as seeing the older ones well lit in the display.

Looking at the opulence of the exhibit and thinking of the lives of most Russians at the time of the Czars, it is not hard to imagine why the revolution happened.

Faberge at MBAM

Everything from icons to china to photo frames to decorative pieces were highly decorated and often covered in gold and/or encrusted with jewels.

Faberge at MBAM - egg2

It was interesting to see, to gawk at the excesses, to marvel at the skill and aesthetic of the jewellers, and to imagine the lives of the people who surrounded themselves with these items.


Here are some links where you can learn more about Fabergé and the eggs
From the museum site:

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  1. Just stopping by to say "hi." What a fabulous exhibit! Hope your summer is going well - you sound busy.