Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Red Winged Blackbird

Today I was prepared - my new telephoto 55-300 mm, a monopod and my new little camera. The red winged blackbirds are all over the park. Their calls seem to predominate. They fly close to people, unperturbed unless you get very close.


They particularly like to be near water.


I have no idea what these flowers are but there were many. The air was scented with a mix of floral blooms.

Egret in the Grass

This egret was standing absolutely still in the shallow water. Someone who had been there before reported that it had already caught a frog. The naturalists in the park told me that the red winged blackbirds sometimes harass the herons and egrets. I don't think I would like to get too near that beak!

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  1. Good morning Susan.
    Just dropping to say hi! You have great shots of those birds in the park. The white flower is beautifully shining!