Tuesday, June 10, 2014

By the Rapids

Fishing by the Rapids

Ah the frustration! I forgot to charge the battery on my DSLR and my new camera was not behaving. It seems to have turned itself on in my purse and the lens tried to open unsuccessfully and then that drained the battery. Then after I charged the battery, the lens opened with a clack-clack and I could do nothing. I took it in to the store where I bought it, and of course, everything worked fine. I bought a case for it and hope this won't happen again.

So there I was at Parc-des-Rapides - no decent camera, just my phone. We spotted an egret, Canada geese, ducks, many red-winged black birds, a yellow warbler... no decent telephoto on hand.


Each time I go to this park I am awed by the force of the water as it rushes past. I am not sure how someone got these rocks to balance - but I was awed by that too!  I'll have to make another trip (all batteries are charged now) to enjoy and share the wildlife.

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