Monday, May 19, 2014

Through Parc Bois-de-Liesse


Take a walk with me through Bois-de-Liesse where the forest is coming to life.


A carpet of trilliums covers the forest floor. It is definitely the height of the trillium season. Some are starting to fade into pink.


We spotted one red trillium; its bloom was drooping down.

Red Trillium

New growth - changes from day to day.

New Growth


I had to keep stopping to admire. The only drawback were the mosquitoes that have emerged from the still waters. I am afraid there are a few less than when we arrived. Some of my swatting hit the mark.

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  1. I was charmed by the walk with you and the pond looked enchanting but by your words I was gotten back to the reality. Already mosquitoes? I haven’t seen them this season yet. We must keep it in mind that where there is still water, there will be mosquitoes.