Saturday, May 24, 2014

Art Installation

Towards the museum

For the last three years an art installation of this ilk has been installed on du Musée. The lower part of the street is closed to traffic and the whole area becomes a sculpture exhibit. I did not particularly like the installations the last two years. They were supposed to represent flowers, but unless you were standing in exactly the right spot it just looked like a jumble of colour. I do like this year's installation - very geometric with a surprise.

From the museum

The backs of each piece are a different colour so the shapes and colours change as you move. Fun!

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  1. Hi,Susan,
    It must be fun to walk there!! It is interesting to see it.Yes, I have to move on the street many times to enjoy the different colours and shapes. It is a great museum with some sculptures on the both side walks!
    Have a happy day!