Monday, September 12, 2011

Exotic Chicken

Exotic Chicken by susanvg
Exotic Chicken, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
These were the lucky birds who were allowed to scavenge outside their cages. It was Agri-Tour Day in Eastern Ontario and we decided to set off and explore a few of the farms. This chicken was not on a farm, but was kept by some people who raised exotic birds. Most lived in enclosures that seemed far too small.


These alpacas had much more room to roam. They seemed content. They are raised for their wool which is soft and warm. There are a few alpaca farms in the neighbourhood.

Pet Me Please

Our last stop was on a goat farm. The animals were very gentle. This big fellow kept asking to be patted. Some of the goats were in indoor pens because it was the Agri-Tour day. The farmer explained how they are raised. On most days they have access to outdoor pastures where donkeys guard them. It seems that donkeys, dogs and llamas are good for guarding goats. They sense danger, warn the animals and the animals head back to the barn. We spoke with the wife of the farmer (who makes incredible sorbet and gelato). She felt it was important that people see where and how food is raised and to see where it ends up. They sell goat meat, eggs from their hens and rabbit from the rabbits her son raises. I must say, I would rather buy from small farmers who raise animals in spaces where they can live comfortable lives than to buy some of our supermarket meat that comes from animals that have been raised in crowded, uncomfortable situations. These animals were obviously loved, enjoyed the outdoors and the company of people.



  1. Wonderful animal shots! I love the three goats "in a row"- great looks they're giving the camera. The head shots of the alpacas is perfect. Nice contrasts!

  2. I have the same thoughts with you. If their fate is to become human's food, I'd like them to be free and comfortable while they live innocently. I hate the reality that hens, for example, are treated like egg producing machine shut up in narrow hut, different from free-range hens. The goats have gentle eyes and yes, the chicken looks very exotic.

  3. Those goats look like they're smiling for their portrait!

  4. Great shots, especially the goats (as noted by others!) Love the commentary and totally agree. The large farming industry is not usually known for good treatment of the animals and more chemicals used, as well.